Three new boat records and two season’s best fish on Alice Rose in four hours!!

In the space of four hours on Alice Rose the following happened:


First Darren Herbert broke the old LRSAC boat record for a Ling with a fish of 18lbs that almost doubles the previous record of 9lbs plus.

Second Darren then brings in a new record Spur Dog of 12lbs 10ozs (105.27%) which again almost doubles the previous best of 6lbs plus.

Then Darren brings in  a season’s best Conger Eel of 25lbs.

Then just to prove it wasn’t a fluke Darren then brings in another Ling of 15lbs plus.

Not be outdone Roy Shipway then breaks Darren’s Ling record of 90 minutes by bringing in  a specimen of 22lbs (110.19%)

Finally Darren brings in a season’s best Whiting of 2lbs 12ozs.


What a day!

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