Kayak Fixtures

All Kayak Competitions are Species Competitions.

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  1. All anglers must wear a PDF  (personal floatation device)
  2. Kayaks must be paddle or peddle powered. No motors!
  3. Juniors under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult (over 18).
  4. 2 rods with a maximum of 3 hooks (total) to be used at any one time. More than 2 rods can be set up and carried. The 16th September open competition will be 2 rods with a maximum of 7 hooks used at one time. Again, more than two rods can be set up and carried.
  5. For safety reasons, e.g. capsise, hooks must NOT be attached to rods at launch or landing.
  6. No tying to marker buoys and no tethering to other anglers. Individual anchors only. Exceptions to this rule are juniors (under 16s)  and those with disabilities who may be tethered to their responsible adult.
  7. No camera sharing.
  8. All anglers must carry a mobile phone with them.
  9. No tandem kayaks.
  10. You must only fish within the boundaries that will be set on the day (due to prevailing winds and tide conditions).
  11. No fishing the inner harbour or amongst the pontoons.
  12. All fish must be photographed as proof of catch with the photo card provided.
  13. Mini species must be photographed clearly including fins and whiskers or they will only be counted as one species as identification will be verified.
  14. The length of the photo card provided is the minimum size for all species.
  15. All species count in every competition except silver eels.

The way the league works

There will be no prizes on each day of the league. Points will be accumulated on a rolling basis and top three anglers with the most points will receive prizes at the end of the year.

  • 1 point per species (only one specimen needs to be caught)
  • 2 points for the bonus species (only one specimen needs to be caught)

There are nine matches in total and at the end of the league anglers will submit their seven best scores – meaning they can drop their lowest two scores, including matches they were unable to fish.

In the event of a tie at the end of the year the placings will be decided by the top 4 scores. If still a tie it will be the top 3 scores and so on. Failing that it will go to the most number of species caught in competition.

Prizes / trophies

  • 1st place – trophy and cash prize (and title of Lyme Regis Angling Club kayak champion)
  • 2nd place – cash prize
  • 3rd place – cash prize
  • Best junior – trophy (junior kayak champion)
  • Best woman – Trophy
  • Most number of species in competition – Trophy
  • Best overall specimen in and out of comp – Trophy