Boat Fixtures

Club and Open Matches

Please remember to book charter boats spaces at least 2 weeks before competition dates – see rule 15 of Competition rules.

2020 Boat League dates.

23rd February 08:00-16:00 Species (double points for Whiting)

22nd March 08:00-16:00 Best Pollack

26th April 09:00-17:00 Species

24th May 09:00-17:00 Total length of Plaice

21st June 09:00-17:00 Species (double points for Cod)

26th July 09:00-17:00 Species (double points on all Rays)

22nd/23rd August 09:00-17:00 Five go fishing in Dorset (open comp) privately owned boats are now welcome in this competition.

20th September 09:00-17:00 Black Bream Festival (open comp)

18th October 09:00-17:00 Best Bass (measured and calculated)

15th November 08:00-16:00 Species

6th December 08:00-16:00 Species (double points for Conger)

Charter boat spaces are available @ £50 per angler – contact Lewis to book 07519 160020 or you can use your own boat but please let the committee know if you wish to do so.

Bait is supplied on ALL SPECIES COMPETITIONS you will get a set amount of bait for £10 each. You may bring your own bait to all other competitions.


  • Match fees are £1.00 plus optional £2.00 pool.
  • All competitors to register on Pegasus not later than 15 minutes prior to competition starting.
  • Weigh in for boat matches will be the covered shelter at the end of the Cobb.
  • Members are reminded to register their own specimen/notable fish for honours.
  • The management committee recommend that each member should join the Angling Trust for insurance purposes and to register specimen/notable fish for national awards.
  • For species comps new bait packs only – you can use fish caught as bait.