Policy Statement

Background information

In 2013 the Angling Trust published changes to the regional areas and altered some of the sizes and specimen weights of various species of fish for both Shore and Boat. For L.R.S.A.C. the Boat regional area would remain as “D” but because of Shore boundary changes, Monmouth beach was split into two areas “C” and “D”.

The committee of the Lyme Regis Sea Angling Club considered these changes at length and decided on the following course of action.



For all club matches and fish caught by members out of competition we retain the sizes that were used in 2012 and were published in a laminated sheet given to members at the beginning of the 2013 season. In this we have all decided to retain the original “D” regional area and specimen sizes  for both Boat and Shore fishing.

We have specimen weighted competitions and awards and it would be unfair to recalculate fish that were previously in the Top 20 competitions and Best aggregate specimen awards.

Open Competitions

For events that are open to all sea anglers, The Big Fish (Help for Heroes), The Big Bream Competition and any other open competition that L.R.S.A.C. decides to run we will adopt the new sizes and specimen weights initiated by the Angling Trust for area “D” only. Winners and placings will be judged on this format.

Any fish submitted to the Angling Trust, Wyvern Regional and West Bay Sea Angling Club for individual Shore and Boat awards would be subject to their rules of the sizes and specimen fish for either “C” or “D” regional areas

Club members would still have their fish recorded for club awards using the L.R.S.A.C   existing “D” area.

If you seek further verbal clarification please speak to Mike Hansell (Fish Recorder)

20th June 2013