Boat match report – Best Specimen on a Lure (not mackerel)

The final boat match of the season took place on Sunday 22nd November and was the first opportunity for the charter boats to go fishing for over two weeks.

Weather conditions were cold but we were all helped by the wind coming off the land which gave us an interesting time fishing this new venture. No live or dead bait was to be used but “lures” gave many of us the opportunity to try out “bait” like imitation worms and crabs. Conventional lure fishing with shads and jellies were also to be seen aboard the three charter boats that were taking part.

It was a shame that more members didn’t take part as Alice Rose, Amaretto IV and Pegasus took to the sea with only 15 people on board (including the skippers).

That said there were some notable absentees with Roy Shipway confined to his bed and Darren Herbert hobbling around The Tackle Box on one leg.

Anyway back to the fishing, eight plaice were taking on imitation worms but the most common fish caught seemed to be the Pouting (some on imitation worms and crabs, some on small shads). There were three other very good fish bought to the scales; a Ballan Wrasse, a Scad and a Red Gurnard.

In third place with a season’s best Scad of 498gms (73.23%) was Lewis Hodder (Skipper of Alice Rose). Second place went to Andy Sheader (fishing on Pegasus – skipper Phil Hodder) with another season’s best fish, this time a Ballan Wrasse of 1,789gms (78.88%).

First place went to Alan Tyte (father of Gavin Tyte) who became a new LRSAC member on the day and caught a Pouting of 1,151gms (84.57%). Alan was also fishing on Pegasus. This is the first time I believe that a member who joined on the day has won a competition – no pressure for next year then!

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