This is an annual boat fishing event which took place in Lyme Bay the weekend 24th-25th June.

Each competitor is allowed to bring to the scales each day, one fish of the following species; Black Bream, Cod, Plaice, Pollack and Gurnard (Red or Tub – but not both). The competition is based on the aggregate specimen percentage of the five fish caught and not the total weight.

It was obvious from the outset that Bream, Plaice and Gurnard were going to be targeted by all the skippers because of their specimen weights. If these could be supplemented by a decent Cod or Pollack these would greatly assist the anglers in winning the top prizes. A total of £600 was on offer to the potential winners.

Fishing conditions were difficult, with increased winds, and it soon became obvious that every fish caught (no matter how small) was going to be important as far as the scores were concerned. Three charter boats (Amaretto IV, Alice Rose and Pegasus) took to the water with over 18 competitors taking part over the two day event.


At the end of the first day Roy Shipway fishing on Pegasus had a healthy lead having caught a 1lb 4oz Plaice, a Pollack of 2lbs 15ozs and a Red Gurnard of 8ozs. This gave Roy a score of 84.06%. In second place was Darren Herbert on Pegasus with a 11oz Plaice, a Pollack of 1lbs 6ozs and a 7oz Red Gurnard. Darren’s first day total was 61.33%. In third place was Luke Collins, fishing on Alice Rose, with a 2lbs 2ozs Plaice and a 1lb 10zs Pollack giving him a total of 56.76%.


For the second day’s fishing, conditions were little better, with the wind still making for some uncomfortable fishing!

Again three boats took to the water and 16 competitors experienced the same difficulty in catching the required fish. Ash Legg fishing on Alice Rose caught the only Bream of the day with a nice example of 2lbs 4ozs, which gave him 64.07%. No Cod were caught over the two day period. Roy Shipway increased his Pollack weighting and more Plaice catches were improved upon with Mike Hansell, fishing on Amaretto IV, catching his only fish, with 25 minutes to go, a 1lb 14oz Plaice which was the best Plaice on the day. Barry Moore, fishing on Amaretto IV, caught a Red Gurnard of 12ozs, with 35 minutes to the end of the days fishing, which elevated him into the prize placings.


The winner of the best fish awards (£60 each – The Tackle Box donates a £20 voucher for each category)) were as follows: Ash Legg – Best Bream of 2lb 4oz, Luke Collins – Best Plaice of 2lbs 2ozs, Roy Shipway – Best Pollack of 5lbs 8ozs, Barry Moore – Best Red Gurnard of 12ozs.

The winners of the aggregate specimen competition were as follows:

First Prize £150 – Roy Shipway on Pegasus with 100.08%

Second Prize £100 – Barry Moore on Amaretto IV with 89.77%

Third Prize £50 – Darren Herbert on Pegasus with 67.98%

Ash Legg won a day’s charter boat fishing with Amaretto Sport Fishing for Best Specimen in Competition

Barry Moore won a day’s charter boat fishing with Lyme Bay Charters for coming second in the Best Specimen in competition


The committee would like to thank Amaretto Sports Fishing, Lyme Bay Charters and The Tackle Box for their continued support in sponsoring some of the prizes.


Final Placings

Position Competitor 1st day 2nd day Total
1st Roy Shipway 84.08% 16.00% 100.08%
2nd Barry Moore 17.52% 72.25% 89.77%
3rd Darren Herbert 61.33% 6.65% 67.98%
4th Ash Legg 0.00% 64.07% 64.07%
5th Lewis Hodder 43.03% 20.04% 63.07%
6th Luke Collins 56.76% 0.00% 56.76%
7th Mike Rogers 0.00% 44.84% 44.84%
8th Mike Hansell 0.00% 41.61% 41.61%
9th Garry Wylde 36.19% 0.00% 36.19%
10th Steve Davey 0.00% 22.22% 22.22%
11th Clive Perry 19.19% 0.00% 19.19%
12th Dan Evans 16.64% 0.00% 16.64%
13th Adam Morris 15.27% 0.00% 15.27%
14th Chay Thomas 9.69% 0.00% 9.69%
15th Phil Hodder 7.65% 0.00% 7.65%
16th Steve Sweet 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
16th Chris Alott 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
16th Pete Farrington 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%



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