Five Go Fishing in Dorset – 5th Annual Event Report



This fifth annual boat fishing event took place in Lyme Bay the weekend 27th – 28th October.

Each competitor is allowed to bring to the scales each day, one fish of the following species; Black Bream, Cod, Plaice, Pollack. Bass are to be measured at sea and the appropriate weight taken from the Bass table. The competition is based on the aggregate specimen percentage of the five fish caught and not the total weight.

Fishing conditions were difficult to say the least, with increased northerly winds but it is pleasing to note that all of the available 16 hours were fully utilized. The first day was spent wreck fishing in the morning before moving on to Bream spots in the afternoon.

At the end of the first day Chay Thomas was in the lead with a nice Pollack and a reasonable Bream, closely followed by Brian Moss who had the best Bream and Bass of the day’s fishing. In third place was Darren Herbert with a solitary Best Pollack of the day.

The second day was started fishing off Golden Cap in the morning for Plaice. Tony Bessford being particularly successful in catching three Plaice but Darren Herbert took the honours with the best Plaice The afternoon was divided in being anchored for Bream and finishing off drifting for further Pollack and Bass – Chay Thomas being particularly successful in catching bigger Pollack, the best just under 7lbs.

At the presentation held in the Royal Standard the following winners were announced:

Best Bream – Mike Hansell

Best Bass – Brian Moss

Best Plaice – Darren Herbert

Best Pollack – Chay Thomas

Best Cod – None caught

Winner of the trophy, for the second year running, was Roy Shipway (75.83%) who caught Bream, Plaice and Pollack. In second place was Tony Bessford (71.55%) with Bass, Plaice and Pollack. In third place was Darren Herbert (67.08%) who caught Plaice and Pollack. There was total prize money of £290.


Mike Hansell

29th October 2018

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