New Bass Measurement Guide for LRSAC awards and matches

I think we have now come to a position where we can adopt some of the detailed information that has been submitted by the Bass Anglers’ Sportfishing Society and the Scottish Sea Angling Conservation team . They have both been doing some excellent work and have produced tables of sizes of Bass and their suggested weights.

I have taken their information and fine tuned to meet our own needs i.e. sizes from 46cm – 90cm in one cm intervals.

I have now produced a spreadsheet which will be effective from 1st April 2016 for the rest of this season. The A4 spreadsheet sets out both the rules for weighing Bass where the certified scales “lock-out” and also when the alternative method of measurement by length needs to be used.

The text of this spreadsheet is detailed  below:



The committee has decided that the following proceedures be adopted for from 1st April 2016.


Any Bass that a member wishes to enter for an award should be carefully weighed (in a sling or plastic bag – the bass should not be suspended on a weighing scales hook) The sling or bag should then be weighed separately and the weight subtracted from the fish weight. This  should be witnessed by another club member and preferably club certified scales should be used.

Up to the 30th June 2016 any Bass weighed should be returned to the water as quickly as possible. NO BASS to be retained, even if dead or injured if caught on or before 30th June 2016. The scales must “lock out” on a fixed gram measurement.

Should conditions prevent a “lock out” then the length of the Bass (tip of the snout to tip of tail fin) should be recorded in cms. and submitted for a weight to be calculated from the LRSAC Bass Measurement Guide spreadsheet table. All measurements should be adjusted downwards to the nearest full cm. A witness is required to validate the claim.

After 1st July 2016, one in size Bass may be retained per day-per angler.



If you would like a personal copy of this spreadsheet I am arranging for 25 copies to be left with Darren in The Tackle Box.

For Angling Trust /Wyvern awards I will still submit “locked-out” weights or lengths of fish for their consideration according to their rulings.



Mike Hansell

Fish Recorder – LRSAC

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