Jurassic Two Day Boat Competition Report

On Saturday 21st July and Sunday 22nd July, West Bay SAC hosted the annual boat competition that takes place over two days.

Lewis Hodder on Pegasus took over his annual charter boat booking of non LRSAC members and Steve Sweet on Amaretto 111 took seven LRSAC members who wanted to fish the event. Over 40 anglers took part in this festival

At the end of the first day Barry Moore was in the lead with a specimen total of 133% from a very good Black Bream that was also the best round fish of the day and a decent mackerel. Other members from the club were handily placed and we looked forward with anticipation to the Sunday’s fishing.

Sunday’s fishing proved a little more difficult with a lack of tide and boats enjoyed various success rates in their quest to improve on their scores .


Final placings and scores were as follows:


Top three placings over the two days:

1st Paul Fisher (fishing on Pegasus)   Undulate Ray 4,840gms (76%), Red Gurnard 380gms (67%)  = 143%

2nd Rod Barr (West Bay SAC)  Black Bream 1,280gms (81%), Plaice 1,220gms (60%) = 141%

3rd Mike Hansell (LRSAC)   Black Bream 1,260gms (79%), Scad 380gms (56%) = 135%


Other placings of LRSAC members:

Barry Moore – Black Bream 1,380gms (87%), Mackerel 420gms (46%) = 133%

Lewis Hodder – Black Bream 850gms (53%), Mackerel 400gms (44%) = 97%

Mike Rogers – Black Bream 880gms ( 55%), Scad 240gms (35%) = 90%

Pete Waterer – Mackerel 440gms (49%), Black Bream 360gms (23%) = 72%

Tony Churton – Black bream 400gms (25%), Mackerel 200gms (22%) = 47%

Two other members didn’t weigh in any fish.