Shore Fixtures

2023 Shore Fixtures

Saturday League

11th March 

8th April 

6th May 

3rd June 

8th July

5th August

2nd September

28th October

4th November

16thDecember – Christmas Special – 5-10pm – £10 entry Cash payout and some extra prizes.

All matches all Matches to be fished in Lyme Regis 6-11pm some may be pegged in a certain location and some may have bonus fish all further info to be announced on Facebook/website approximately 1 week before.  

All Species comps, 5 of each species, bonus fish and first of each species are double points, dedicated shore species points system.  



Wednesday summer league

24th May   

21st June 

19th July 

2nd August 

13th September 

18th October

All matches 6-10pm fished in Lyme Regis.

This is a number of species league with 5 of each species. Double points for the first of each species using the dedicated shore points system.