Shore Fixtures

2018 Wednesday Shore League

All fishing times are 18.30 – 22.30.

Feb 7th @ Lyme Regis.

Number of species including mini species.

March 7th @ Charmouth

Best 2 specimens (2 different species)

April 4th @ West Bexington

Best specimen Flatfish

May 16th @ Lyme Regis

Number of species (no mini species)

June 13th @ Beer

Best single specimen

July 18th @ Branscombe

Longest Fish (measure, witness and return)

Aug 29th @ Lyme Regis

Longest Bass. To be fished in drawn pairs (points are still for individual anglers)

Sept 12th @ Seaton

Number of species (no mini species)

Oct 24th @ Lyme Regis

Longest Bull Huss (measure, witness and return)

Nov 28th @ West Bexington

Heaviest Whiting

2018 Saturday Shore League

Fishing times are 18.00 – 23.00 unless otherwise stated.

Feb 24th @ Lyme Regis

Best single specimen

March 24th @ Lyme Regis

Number of species including mini species

April 28th @ Seaton

Best specimen % of 2 different species

May 5th @ Hive (Burton Bradstock)

Best specimen Ray

June 30th @ Lyme Regis

Number of species, no mini species

July 14th @ Lyme Regis

Best specimen % of 2 different species.

This is also the C.O.T.C open shore Competition. £10 entry on the night. There is already £100 prize money rolled over from last year! 2 rods, with a maximum of 3 hooks between them. Fishing will be from the end of the East Sea defence wall, to the first cliff falls at the Western end of Monmouth beach. LRSAC Specimen weights and minimum sizes apply.

Aug 11th @ Lyme Regis

Fishing from the East sea defence wall from 5pm until 10pm. Heaviest single fish.

This is also going to be a social evening, with the club juniors fishing alongside from 5pm until 8pm (any juniors are welcome to stay on fishing until the end of the adult’s match if they would like). There will also be a BBQ.

Sept 29th @ Seaton + Lyme Bay Trophy

hosted this year by Axe Valley SAC. Sign on at the spot on café from 5pm. Fishing is from 6pm until 11pm. More details to follow. This will also be a LRSAC club match fishing to the LBT rules as set out by Axe Valley SAC.

Oct 13th @ Abbotsbury

Heaviest Cod.

Nov 17th – Rover match

Best single specimen.

Fishing will be from 12pm until 5pm. Weigh in will be at the Tackle Box until 6pm.


Please note: The trophy for the most points, combined Shore and Boat will be taken from all 12 Boat matches, all 10 Saturday shore matches, and the June and July Wednesday Shore matches.

Lyme Bay Trophy Rules

The Lyme Bay Trophy js an inter-club match between the local clubs – Lyme Regis, Axe Valley, Beer, Honiton and Westbay.

The rules are based on a catch and release points system. Each angler has a card. e.g. pout 2 points, bass 5 points, dogfish 3 points, etc., and you can catch many of each species. It does mean each angler will have to fish near somebody else so that they can measure the fish and sign the card with the points. That way all fish can be returned straight away.

For further information please contact Darren Herbert at THE TACKLE BOX on 01297 443373