Angling Trust Specimen Awards for 2015

I am pleased to announce that the following people have been awarded the coveted Angling Trust Specimen Awards for 2015. As well as receiving a certificate each winner will also receive an engraved medallion.


Bronze Awards

Paul Crossley               Conger Eel             104.38%

Paul Blake                    Cuckoo Wrasse      106.88%

Richard Woodham        Black Bream          107.14%

Darren Herbert              Grey Mullet            108.33%

Josh Chestney              Conger Eel             112.50%

Darren Herbert              Black Bream           123.21%


Silver Awards

Steve Sweet                  Red Gurnard          130.00%

Wayne Burgess             Pouting                   133.33%

Phil Marshall                  Ballan Wrasse        141.48%


Gold Award

Darren Herbert              Cuckoo Wrasse      150.00%


Congratulations to all concerned – I hope to organize a photo shoot for the papers, once I have received the engraved medals.


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