Bream Boat Festival report

The annual LRSAC Bream Boat Festival took place at Lyme Regis on Sunday 18th September.

This is an Open Competition for the Best Pair of Bream (Aggregate Score)

32 competitors took part, fishing from seven boats. Nine anglers managed to bring a qualifying pair of Bream to the scales.

In first place was John Hansford (fishing on his own boat, Helga) who weighed in two bream 1,392gms and 1,096gms giving him a match winning total of 2,488gms. In second place was Nathan Warlock (fishing on Alice Rose) who caught the best bream of the day of 1,732gms but could only manage a second bream of 396gms which gave him a total of 2,128gms. Third place went to Ray Evans (also fishing on Alice Rose) with bream of 1,078gms and 862gms which gave him a total of 1,940gms. The prize money totalled £320.

As far as the LRSAC Boat league results were concerned: Darren Herbert (fishing on Mackerel 3) came first (5pts) with 1,624gms, Second (4pts) was Brian Moss (fishing on Alice Rose) with (1,544gms) and Third (3pts) was Aram Harmer (fishing on Amaretto IV) on 1,264gms.

Two other notable fish were caught that day. Aram Harmer fishing on Amaretto IV caught a season’s best Undulate Ray of 5,440gms (12lbs) and Andy Sheader caught a season’s best Red Gurnard of 520gms (1lb 2ozs).

Congratulations to all concerned.

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