Clarification on fishing rules for rods and hooks when fishing in and out of competitions

At the Committee Meeting on Tuesday 29th September the committee felt there was a need to clarify the Best Fish Awards rules with regard to the number or rods and hooks used.



Members can compete for annual Club cups and trophies which are presented at the Club’s Presentation Evening (held in first quarter of the following year). Claims can be made on catch return forms for fish caught in club waters (Rule 17) in or out of competition during the calendar year. A catch return form is available on the club website or from The Tackle Box in Lyme Regis


To qualify for these awards the following criteria applies:


For shore fishing:

Up to TWO rods with no more than THREE hooks attached to the terminal tackle (i.e. one rod with three hooks or two rods, one having one hook and the other rod having two hooks).

A treble hook when attached to a lure, un-baited, counts as one hook. A two hook pennel rig counts as two hooks.


For boat fishing:

Only ONE rod can be used at any time, any other rods to be un-baited and unrigged, preferably held in boat rod holders. A maximum of THREE hooks only to be used and for the avoidance of doubt an un-baited treble hook will count as a single hook.


If a member believes they have caught the best (heaviest) fish of a particular species they can submit a catch return form. This needs to be countersigned by a committee member. Any award can go towards individual cups and trophies which are awarded at the club presentation evening.


Those fish exceeding a 100% specimen size will be entered for annual Wyvern and Angling Trust awards.


If you decide to fish outside the criteria above i.e. fish with multiple hooks, use more than the stated number of rods for fishing of bait etc, then you immediately disqualify yourself from being able to enter a catch return form. The individual angler must make these decisions when commencing to fish; either to compete for club awards or to fish without award restrictions.



If you need any further clarification then please contact Mike Hansell – Fish Recorder



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