Final Boat League Match Report of 2017

The final boat match of this years competition took place on Sunday 19th November.

Darren Herbert was already assured of this years title provided he caught one fish during the 8 hours fishing. Having done this he was able to enter into some relaxed recreational fishing of his own desire.

The weather was superb and the sea state calmer that it had been in the previous days fishing. Unfortunately only ten members took part on both of the charter boats available.

At 08.00 Pegasus headed east whilst Amaretto IV opted for a westerly direction. A lot of fish were caught but sadly many of these were under the minimum 25cms qualification, so they didn’t count.

During the day Bass, Bream Bull Huss, Conger Eel, L.S. Dogfish, Garfish, Mackerel, Pollack, Pouting, Thornback and Undulate Rays, Ballan Wrasse and Cuckoo Wrasse were all caught.

In first place on 42 points and nine species caught was Keir Tweedale  aged 10

In second place was Roy Shipway also on 42 points but on count back only seven species.

In third place was Skipper Lewis Hodder on 40 points (nine species).

It was perhaps fitting that the fish of the day was Keir Tweedale’s 13lb Undulate Ray – a superb result and memorable day for Keir – Well done!


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