Junior Match Report

Today we held the last match for the junior’s of 2017. We had 6 members fish today with 2 new boys who are looking to join next year and wanted a try at it.


Well all 8 kids caught fish which is great. Ryan Male ended up winning with 11 pts – 4 garfish and 3 shannys, 2nd place went to Gideon Wren with 10 pts – 5 shannys 2 garfish and a mackerel 3rd place we had a tie between Izzie Herbert and James Coddington who both ended up on 4pts.


Ryan ended up with the biggest garfish breaking his own record and nearly beating the adult one missing out by 7 grams. They caught 13 shannys 9 garfish 2 mackerel 1 corkwing wrasse and a shore rockling between them

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