Report on Number of Species boat match

23 anglers fished a delayed start, due to weather conditions, of the Number of Species match held out of Lyme Regis. Three Charter and one private boat took to the fishing grounds and the match was extended to finish at 18.00hrs,

Everybody caught fish, so all members scored at least two points. Eleven species were caught, Dogfish, Plaice, Pollack, Pouting, Smooth hound, Ballan Wrasse, Cuckoo Wrasse, Poor Cod, Garfish, Goldsinny and Black Bream.

First with a score of 137 points (8 species) was Roy Shipway, Second with 108 points (7 species) was Lewis Hodder and third with 101 points (6 species) was Mark Perkin.

Notable catches were Brian Moss with a Garfish of 529gms. Darren Herbert with a Pouting of 1,027gms and a Cuckoo Wrasse of 538gms. These three fish were best catches of the year so far.

How does this affect the various club leagues and tables?

Starting with the Boat league. As a result of winning both of the only two matches fished so far this year, Roy Shipway is well out in the front with 10 pts. Tied in second place we have Brian Moss and Lewis Hodder on 6 pts.

In the Boat Species League, Roy has 9 species, Brian 8 species and Lewis 7 species.

As a result of bringing in two best catches to the scales Darren Herbert has now overtaken Roy Shipway on the Best Specimen Points Combined Boat and Shore Award. Darren leads by 276% to Roy’s 205%. Incidentally Darren’s Cuckoo Wrasse of 94.89% is the Best Fish caught in Competition so puts him out in the front for this cup.

Brian Moss’s Garfish helped Lewis Hodder increase his score in the Skipper’s Shield to 588%. Darren Herbert’s Cuckoo Wrasse and Pouting helped push Phil Hodder into second place who now has a score of 243%.



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