Tope Match report

This annual Tope match took place on Sunday 5th August in glorious sea conditions and weather.

Getting fresh bait whilst travelling out proved somewhat difficult but perseverance paid off with Scad and a few mackerel being caught.

After a slow start the Tope began to appear and although somewhat on the small size over 20 were caught and all safely returned to the sea during the day.

Other Species brought on to the boat included Undulate Ray, Thornback Ray, Blonde Ray, Spotted Ray, Conger Eel, Mackerel, Scad and Whiting.

First in the competition was Roy Shipway, Second was Darren Herbert and Third Adam Morris.


Current league positions are 1st Roy Shipway (16pts), 2nd Darren Herbert (14pts), 3rd Pete Wilkins (12pts)


Species League positions: 1st Adam Morris (17 species), 2nd Darren Herbert (16 species), joint 3rd Andy Sheader & Roy Shipway (15 species)

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