Vacant Junior Secretary position

As most of you probably realise, Phil Marshall has decided to stand down from the post of Junior Secretary
from the end of this year. Lucy Squire has also decided to stand down as Junior Steward.

We owe Phil and Lucy a huge thank you for everything they have done and they will be sorely missed.
Under Phil’s guidance the Junior Section has gone from strength to strength and he leaves it in a very
strong position.

I am therefore asking everyone to consider if they would be willing to take over this position for next season.
As before this can be a two or even three person team. I am sure Phil would be happy to give guidance on
number and types of competitions that have been run in the past. Hopefully someone is able to step up and
take over what is arguably the most important role in our club.

Please let me know if you wish to take on the role and perhaps in the first instance a meeting with Phil and
myself would be the best start.

Once again thanks to Phil and Lucy and hopefully someone is willing to take on this very rewarding role.

Steve Sweet

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