Wednesday Shore Fishing result

As a result of the poor weather, Wednesday’s shore match venue was moved from Charmouth to be a rover.

Thirteen members fished various venues for the Best Two Specimens (two different species)

First with a combined score of 105.36% was Adam Vickery with a Dogfish and a Pouting. Second with a combined score of 85.37% was Rob Emery with a Dogfish and Pouting. Third with a combined score of 80.38% was Darren Herbert also with a Dogfish and a Pouting.

Twelve people caught Dogfish and Three Shore Rockling were also caught.

As far as the leagues are concerned:

Darren Herbert has increased his Wednesday League status to be out in the lead on 16 points. In second place, Ben Male has 10 points and in joint third place we have Simon Lippet and Rob Emery on 9 points.

In the Combined Shore League (Saturday and Wednesday night’s results combined), Darren Herbert is in first place with 26 points, Tony Bessford has 18 points and Ben Male has 17 points.

The Shore Species league has Darren Herbert in first place on 10 species, In second place with have Ryan White and Robert Kisilewski on 9 species and in third place Ben Male, Wayne Burgess and Dave White have 8 species.


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