Wednesday’s Shore match report

12 members fished the Wednesday league match for the heaviest two fish, Being a ‘rover’, anglers could fish places other than Lyme Regis with most choosing to fish in the Branscombe direction, Wind was north westerly so the sea stayed fairly flat though quite coloured.

Only 3 anglers managed to catch 2 species that were in size, even pout were elusive!

1st place went to Robert Kisielewski with a unweighed dog fish and a Bull Huss of 4.226 grams (Best Bull Huss this year). 2nd place went to Simon Lippett with a Dog Fish of 852grams and a Bull Huss of 1.261 grams, 3rd place went to  Darren Herbert with a Ballan Wrasse of 755 grams and a Bull Huss of 1,151 grams.

As well as Robert’s Bull Huss, Dave White caught a Smooth Hound  which was measured at 82cms. long  and had a girth of 15.5cms.


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