Winter Conger 3 Day Festival

The first Winter Open Conger 3 day Festival held at Lyme Regis was a huge success, 3 days of calm weather, loads of Congers.

Overall there were 355 Congers brought on to Pegasus over the 3 days, including 6 over 60lb, lots of fish in the 40-60lb range made for a great 3 days sport for all involved and loads of personal bests were beaten. On the final day we actually managed to bring to the boat 155 Eels and roughly half of those were over 30lb.

All eels were handled carefully and all safely returned to the water and swam away strongly.

Well done to the winners who are listed below.

Day 1 Heaviest Eel – Roy Shipway -56lb
Day 1 Most Eels – Roy Shipway – 22

Day 2 Heaviest Eel – Richard Howells – 67lb
Day 2 Most Eels – Peter Yates – 20

Day 3 Heaviest Eel – Chris Cooper – 64lb
Day 3 Most Eels – Roy Shipway – 31

Daily Prizes were £30 in cash and either a tackle voucher or a couple of Hook Ups boat rigs.

Overall Heaviest Eel – Richard Howells – 67lb

Richard wins a 30-50lb Shakespeare Ugly Stick GX2 rod, some limited edition Hook Ups, £60 in cash and has the pride of taking home the Pegasus Winter Conger Festival trophy

A big thank you goes to Darren Herbert of The Tackle Box and Hook-Ups for generous sponsorship of this extremely enjoyable event along with Lewis Hodder of course on Pegasus for safely releasing all the congers and arranging this event.

Next years spaces are already being filled.
The dates are as follows;
27th, 28th and 29th December the cost is £70 each including a £10 entry fee.

Well done to everyone involved this year and thanks for making it such an enjoyable competition

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  1. For Mike Hansel

    Darren hasn’t got any of the slim sandeel silver lures with blue line, won’t have any til March
    Next time we meet please let me know how much I owe you or should I leave a credit with Darren?

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